Van Virtual Assistant
Van Virtual Assistant
Van Virtual Assistant | Remote

Remote assistance can be as easy as connecting with Sandra, discussing your business' needs, and creating a schedule that suits your working hours.

Van Virtual Assistant | In-Person

Prefer to work side-by-side for an in-person collaboration. Sandra can meet in a coffee shop or office within 20km radius of White Rock (BC).

Van Virtual Assistant - Sandra Dee Adamack
Let me introduce myself ...

"Hi! My name is Sandra Dee Adamack, and I'm a virtual assistant, specializing in Design For Small Business, located in White Rock (BC). I help small business owners with consistent brand strategies to showcase their expertise. I provide tools such as small-scale brand kits, streamlined website copy, and consistent social media strategies which help to align your business with your target market. I include some industry secrets and brand strategies as you learn how easy it is to remain On-Brand throughout all of your business activities. Services start at $35+ per hour, depending on services required. I'm just a phone call away."

Remote Assistance: client is expected to pre-install Zoom software on their desktop computer/laptop for ongoing online meetings.

In-Person Assistance: 20km radius of White Rock (BC), reliable internet connection required for cloud-based apps usage.

Van Virtual Assistant | La Mini Brand Kit

Learn to Stay "On Brand" Using Online Tools

Knowing YOUR COLORS, YOUR FONTS, YOUR GRAPHICS, and YOUR IMAGE STYLES make life so much easier for any small business owner. We offer "La Mini Brand Kit" service. A nicely packaged pdf that contains everything you need when creating your business documents.

Van Virtual Assistant | Social Media Management

Acquire Leads Through Social Media Platforms

Explore online platforms, such as Facebook & Instagram, to expand your client base. Share your activities, expertise and videos to connect directly with potential clients and customers. Packages are platform-based, for 3-month terms, posting consistently.

Van Virtual Assistant | Recognizable Style

Develop A Style To Be Recognizable Anywhere

Graphics, photos, color combinations, and/or fonts can represent your business and make it subtly recognizable to the general public. With focus & intent, we can work together to develop a style you can call your own. With consistent use, your brand will become highly recognizable.

Remote Design for Daily Office Tasks



(Remote Office Assistant)

  • Contract-Based
  • Weekly Invoicing
  • Design-Related Tasks
  • File Organizing & Backups
  • Regular Zoom Updates
  • Major Credit Card Payments Accepted
Social Media Management



(Remote Social Media Content)

  • Contract-Based
  • Weekly Invoicing
  • Platform Packages
  • Increased Engagement
  • Regular Zoom Updates
  • Major Credit Card Payments Accepted
Business Branding for Print & Web



(Remote Graphic Designer)

  • Contract-Based
  • Prebooked 2-Hour Min.
  • Commercial Software Used
  • Commercial Printer Files
  • Regular Zoom Updates
  • Major Credit Card Payments Accepted

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